About the Hidden Gems Organization

Hidden Gems was founded to provide funding where it is needed most. Hidden Gems has been providing capital for initiatives like medical research, a medical advisory group, senior citizen programming, and education for youths and adults.

Every dollar of Hidden Gems funding goes toward services needed by a community, whether that be a grant for a community library or funding to help Holocaust survivors. We find causes that are seeking funds—all those hidden gems—and foster them toward greatness.
Join Hidden Gems’ mission in spreading goodness.

The Founder

Dr. Friedman is Director of the Head and Neck research team which includes physicians, statisticians, medical students, and research fellows. To date, Dr. Friedman and the team have completed over 250 research projects from clinical research to basic science studies. These works have been published in the most respected journals of their specialty and have led to improved treatments in a wide variety of medical fields.

In his early career, Dr. Friedman witnessed the struggle that researchers had to endure to receive adequate funding for their projects. He saw how many viable projects were being abandoned due to lack of funding, even when they had the possibility of saving lives. Dr. Friedman used these experiences to fuel a mission: give researchers the freedom to conduct their research without having to bear the burden of underfunding. 100% of the research is done by volunteers donating their time to help save lives.

Projects of Hidden Gems

Nesivos Ahron was founded in 2008, and has already affected the lives of hundreds of young men. Under the leadership of Rabbi Moshe Friedman and Rabbi Yaakov Leonard, the school provides a stimulating environment for a highly motivated student body, allowing them to excel both in Torah study and personal growth. Hidden Gems helps support this institution with educational grants.

For over 20 years, the Lev Chasunah program (a division of Hidden Gems) has provided much-needed funding to the Chicago community. It has enabled our cherished rabbis and educators to invite their congregants, friends, and family members to important community weddings. We’ve ensured that the bride and groom never have to settle for less than they deserve and that they can greet their guests with dignity.  Over 1,000 families have benefited from the Lev Chasunah Program since it’s inception.

One of Hidden Gems’ missions is to save lives by providing support to the medical community in the area where it is often needed most: grants to further medical research. Our goal is to continue the trend of increasing medical research, particularly in the study of cancer. We hope to enable the development of improved treatments to enhance patient outcomes and to organize and distribute funds so projects need not be abandoned when they require additional grants.

Over the course of 20 years, Hidden Gems has

Sponsored Scholarships

for hundreds of students.

Educated Teachers

via ongoing training programs.

Subsidized Weddings

for hundreds of young couples.

Coordinated Senior Programming

providing food, classes, and socialization.

Funded Life-Saving Research

in medical areas such as head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, and sleep apnea.

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All proceeds benefit Hidden Gems. Hidden Gems is a project of AFONA, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Tax ID: 26-3751334

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All proceeds benefit Hidden Gems. Hidden Gems is a project of AFONA, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Tax ID: 26-3751334